SDG Pioneer 2022
27 - 10 - 2022

Beaulieu Fibres International and B.I.G. Yarns have been internationally recognized as SDG Pioneer 2022.

We are very proud to announce that two divisions – representing 5 factories located in Belgium, France and Italy - have been internationally awarded by CIFAL Flanders | Unitar as SDG Pioneer 2022 in recognition for their achievements on the Sustainability Action Plans for the last 3 years.

B.I.G. congratulations to the supporting sustainability teams from:

• Beaulieu Fibres International (Wielsbeke, Kruisem, Terni)
• B.I.G. Yarns (Comines-Warneton, Comines)

Beaulieu Engineered Solutions worked continuously over the past 3 years on its various sustainability activities. The various initiatives of the 5 sites involved - which are in line with ROUTE 2030, its vision and objectives - are bearing fruit. We are therefore determined to continue increasing our impact and have set ourselves new sustainable ambitions for the future.

Together, we can combat climate change. Let's shape sustainable living, together!

Read more about our Sustainability projects.

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