Automotive carpet

Automotive flooring, mats, moulded into trunk compartments

Premium cars come with superior yarns. Our SDN polyamide (PA6), polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) yarns, used for flooring, car mats or molded carpet into trunk compartments of some of the most prestigious brands, meet today’s most stringent international automotive standards and requirements. 

High performance yarns' features are: 

  • durability as abrasion performance and stain resistance
  • compressibility and recovery ability
  • antifogging (VOC and FOG emission)
  • odourless
  • light fastness

PET BCF yarns for automotive carpet

There is a growing market in PET for automotive interior applications, with polyester allowing automotive OEMs and Tier 1 to develop products that, from the outset, consider eco-design by building MONO-polymer carpets and flooring that are 100% recyclable at End of Life (EOL ). These materials are helping to ensure improved and more sustainable EOL recycling of electric vehicles that are driving the future of the car industry.


The PET BCF Yarns offer high-performance for automotive carpets, including abrasion and stain resistance, and durability, passing all stringent automotive tests including the Taber test for abrasion performance, compressibility and recovery ability test, light fastness in automotive (DIN EN ISO 105-B06) and VOC (fogging) according the VDA 278 test on VOC and FOG emission. The yarns can be color solution dyed, have a dTex between 1300 – 1500, 81 filaments and are ideally for mats with a composition of 400 to 800 gram per m², while the yarns for molded carpets have a dTex of 1200, 144 filaments for 380 gram per m².

Find your sustainable solution

There are sustainable yarn solutions available today that you can include in your carpet designs. Whether you want to work with renewable sources or focus on recycled content, every solution is a highly valued contribution to a circular economy and a sustainable world. And the list of sustainable yarn solutions is growing …

Masterbatch department

And when it comes to colour demands, we abide by a ‘no tolerance’ approach. Thanks to our own masterbatch department, we are able to quickly provide you with the perfect color. Your product request comes with bespoke samples, allowing you to verify the accuracy prior to placing an order.


Lighter, softer and more durable automotive yarns

In this fast-changing segment, we continuously develop yarns that are lighter, softer and more durable. Thanks to these market-driven innovations, you can always count on the latest top-notch automotive yarn.