Circular solutions for a better future

EqoCycle is a newly designed and innovative yarn with recycled content, as circular solution for a better future. We shifted towards the incorporation of recycled content into the production of yarns, providing our customers a valuable alternative recycled resource. EqoCycle encourages the process of decoupling from the need for only fossil feedstocks and moving forward towards a circular economy.

We help to reduce the global warming impact by offering sustainable solutions that are climate-friendly. Manufacturing carpets with recycled content yarns helps to maximize environmental benefits and reduces the ecological footprint of the end product.

EqoCycle is a registered trademark.


Circular benefits, Environmental Impact

• Reducing the use of virgin materials
• Minimizing waste
• Re-using materials
• Saving energy
• Reducing CO2 emissions
• Remaining 100% recyclable

Environmental Impact of EqoCycle with 75% recycled content

The production of EqoCycle yarns improves our resource efficiency. The use of less virgin materials implicates a decrease of fossil fuels by 58% and a drop in energy consumption of 27%. On top, EqoCycle yarns allow a reduction of 37% of CO2 eq./kg compared to the fossil based yarns. For every 1.000 tons of EqoCycle yarn, 13.562 barrels of oil are saved and 2.700 tons of CO2 emissions are reduced, compared to PA6 traditionally made from fossil fuel. 

The environmental impacts of EqoCycle with 75% recycled content were calculated through an LCA analysis, which was verified according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A1 and published in an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD registration number S-P-02415).

Turning plastics into feedstock for new chemicals

Polyamide 6 is well-known as fully recyclable material, that can be reused in completely closed cycles. PA6 is incorporated into an eternal cycle of use and re-use and can as such be used in various applications.

Mainly pre-consumer PA6 waste has been defined to be chemically recycled for the EqoCycle range. This PA6 waste is material recovered for recycling prior to use by the consumer. These pure waste materials come directly from manufacturing, also known as post-industrial waste.

At the origin, PA6 is produced by polymerization of caprolactam. PA6 waste can be depolymerised into its raw material caprolactam, which is then used to make new recycled granulate and in a next step again PA6 yarns.

The EqoCycle PA6 yarns with recycled content finds its origin in recycled and regenerated PA6. The derived new yarns offer the same high-quality performance yarns as virgin-based yarns.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

The recycled content within the yarns has been certified by Control Union for Global Recycled Standard (GRS) Certification. The GRS verifies recycled material and tracks it from the source to the final product. The GRS includes strict social, environmental, and chemical requirements.